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Kehebatan Akhlak Rasulullah Mengawal Kemarahan Yahudi Pengutip Hutang

Suatu kisah ketika Rasulullah SAW sedang duduk ditengah-tengah para sahabat, tiba-tiba datang seorang rahib yahudi bernama Zaid bin Sa’nah. Kemudian dia menyambar kain Rasulullah SAW dan berkata dengan kasar; “Ya Muhammad! Bayarlah hutangmu. Kamu keturunan Bani Hasyim melambat-lambatkan pembayaran hutang.”

Sememangnya ketika itu Rasulullah SAW berhutang dengan yahudi tersebut. Tetapi Rasulullah mengerti bahawa masa yang dijanjikan untuk membayarnya belum sampai. Melihatkan keadaan sebegitu, Saidina Umar r.a lalu bangun dan menghunus pedangnya. “Wahai Rasulullah SAW, izinkan aku memenggal leher manusia yang kurang ajar ini.”

Namun, dengan penuh kelembutan dan ketenangan Rasulullah SAW bersabda; “Ya Umar, aku tidak disuruh berdakwah dengan cara yang kasar. Antara aku dan dia memang memerlukan kebijaksanaan daripadamu. Suruhlah dia menagih hutangnya dengan sopan dan ingatkanlah aku supaya aku dapat membayar hutangku dengan baik.”

Mendengar sabda Rasulullah SAW tersebut, orang yahudi itu pun berkata: “Demi yang mengutusmu dengan kebenaran, sebenarnya aku tidak akan datang untuk menagih hutang, tetapi aku datang untuk menguji akhlakmu. Aku mengerti masa untuk melunaskan hutang itu sebelum sampai waktunya. Akan tetapi aku telah membaca sifat-sifatmu dalam kitab Taurat. Semua sifat-sifatmu sungguh terpuji. Namun masih ada satu sifatmu yang belum aku ketahui iaitu tentang kebijaksanaanmu bertindak ketika waktu marah. Ternyata tindakan ceroboh yang dilakukan orang terhadapmu, engkau masih dapat mengawalnya dengan cara bijaksana.”

Ini merupakan satu hakikat yang aku saksikan sendiri, maka terimalah Islamku ya Rasulullah SAW. Kemudian orang yahudi itupun mengucap dengan mengakui Tiada Tuhan yang disembah melainkan ALLAH dan Rasulullah SAW adalah pesuruh ALLAH.

Kemudian ia berkata lagi: “Wahai Rasulullah, adapun hutangmu, aku sedekahkan kepada fakir miskin dan kaum muslimin”

Demikianlah antara sebuah kisah kehebatan akhlak Rasulullah SAW dalam menghadapi marah. Manakala, hari ini dalam menguruskan kemarahan yang terjadi tanpa diminta, adalah menjadi tanggungjawab setiap insan dalam menghadapi situasi yang mudah mengundang marah, memerlukan tindakan pantas kepada memikirkan sabar.

Rasulullah bersabda bermaksud :

“Sesungguhnya marah adalah secebis api yang dinyalakan dalam hati. Tidakkah engkau melihat kepada kedua-dua matanya yang merah dan urat-urat lehernya yang mengelembung? Maka apabila salah seorang daripada kamu berasakan sesuatu dari yang demikian, maka rapatkan diri kamu ke muka bumi (duduk menenangkan diri atau sujud kepada Allah).” (Riwayat al-Tirmizi)

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Princess Dairys 2 - Royal Engagement

Five years after the first film, Crown Princess of Genovia Amelia "Mia" Thermopolis (Anne Hathaway) hasPrinceton University's Woodrow Wilson School and is returning to Genovia with her bodyguard Joe (Héctor Elizondo) and beloved cat Fat Louie. There, she will await her reign once her grandmother, Queen Clarisse (Julie Andrews), abdicates from the throne.
just graduated from
During Mia's twenty-first birthday party, she dances with all the eligible bachelors in hope of seeking a husband. She happens to meet a handsome young gentleman (Chris Pine) by accidentally stepping on his foot. After saving her from a dysfunctional dance, the charming man introduces himself as Nicholas. During the course of the night, Mia's tiara falls off and is caught by Parliament member Viscount Mabrey (John Rhys-Davies) who secretly plans to steal Mia's crown.
The next morning while Parliament is in-session, Mia explores the castle. She stumbles upon a hidden room that allows her to secretly listen in on Parliament's session. Viscount Mabrey reveals that his nephew, Lord Devereaux, is another heir to the Genovian throne. Despite Queen Clarisse's objection, the only way Mia can assume her duties as Queen is if she marries within the next 30 days.
Clarisse invites Lord Devereaux to stay at the palace, stating that if any mischief goes on she will want to know about it. Mia is shocked to discover Lord Devereaux is Nicholas, the man with whom she flirted at the ball. Enraged, she stomps on his foot, this time on purpose. Clarisse confronts Mia demanding an explanation for her behavior and she confesses her and Nicholas' history. Clarisse says that as her Queen, she cannot condone Mia's behavior, but as her grandmother she completely agrees.
Mia's best friend Lilly Moscovitz (Heather Matarazzo) surprises her and comes to Genovia. Together, they pick through all potential husbands, including (a then-single) Prince William. Mia eventually chooses Andrew Jacoby (Callum Blue), Duke of Kenilworth and days later they are engaged. Mabrey plans to dissolve the engagement by instructing Nicholas to pursue a romance with Mia, which he willingly does.
For a ceremony, Mia is to ride sidesaddle but does not know how. Queen Clarisse puts this worry to rest by presenting a wooden leg decoy to make her seem she is riding sidesaddle. Mabrey spooks Mia's horse with a rubber snake and Joe rushes to Mia's aide, but accidentally tears off the leg which lands on the ground. Humiliated, Mia flees to the stables, where Nicholas finds her and tries to comfort her, which Mia misconstrues as an insult.
Later, at a garden party, Mia and Nicholas quarrel about Mia's relationship with Andrew. Nicholas tricks Mia into admitting that she is not in love with him. Angered, she follows him to argue but instead gets bombarded by a passionate kiss. At first, she passionately kisses him back but then backs away. Nicholas pursues her even more, which causes both of them to fall into a fountain. Queen Clarisse finally tells the soaked Mia that her behavior with Nicholas needs to stop.
During the Genovian Independence Day parade, Mia sees some boys picking on a little girl (Abigail Breslin). She abruptly halts the parade, and goes to comfort the girl, while the boys who were bullying her run off. Learning that the children are orphans, Mia has a vendor give them all tiaras and lets them walk with her in the parade. Everyone, especially Nicholas, is impressed by her act of generosity, while Mabrey is disgusted at what he sees as a political maneuver. Mia later decides to build a temporary children's centre at one of the royal palaces with the help of Parliament member Lord Crawley (Paul Vogt) and his architect twin brother, Dean (Peter Allen Vogt). That night, Mia has her bachelorette party/sleepover party, where Queen Clarisse surfs on a mattress and sings a duet with Princess Asana (Raven-Symoné), one of Mia's good friends.
Nicholas begins to have second thoughts on sabotaging Mia in order to become King. Mabrey realizes that Nicholas has fallen in love with her, but Nicholas says that Mia will never have feelings for him. Mabrey claims to only want Nicholas' happiness. Nicholas comes upon Mia as she is practising her archery as part of her coronation rites. He helps her succeed in getting the arrow to hit the bullseye, something she had been struggling with. Nicholas then informs Mia that he is leaving, but asks to see her just one more time before he goes. She declines, saying she is under close guard.
That night, Nicholas appears outside Mia's window and asks her to come down. Lilly encourages her to go, and Mia climbs down the vine. They ride out to a lake where they share secrets, dance and eventually fall asleep in each other's arms. The next morning, they awaken to find a man in a boat videotaping them. Mia thinks Nicholas set her up. Nicholas insists that he had no idea, but Mia does not believe him and angrily storms off. By the time she gets back to the palace, their scandalous footage is broadcast on Genovian breakfast television. Andrew is disappointed but tells Mia he still thinks their marriage could work. He kisses Mia and asks her if she felt anything to the kiss which she says no. They realize they do not love each other, but do not call off the wedding because Andrew said he would marry Mia and that a gentleman never breaks his promise.
The wedding is to take place the following day, and Mia's mother Helen (Caroline Goodall) comes with her new husband Patrick (Sean O'Bryan) and their newborn son Trevor. Paulo (Larry Miller) arrives promptly to do Mia's hair. Right before leaving for the wedding, Nicholas debates on whether he should attend, and Mabrey ends up leaving without him. Their surly housekeeper Gretchen, informs Nicholas that it was Mabrey who engineered their televised scandal. Nicholas rushes to the church first on his grandfather's old penny-farthing bicycle before getting a horse from a local farmer.
Moments before the wedding, Joe informs Mia that Nicholas did not set her up. As she walks down the aisle, Mia finds it difficult to go through with the marriage and rushes outside to catch her breath. Queen Clarisse follows and encourages her to not make the same mistake she made about giving up on true romantic love. Mia reenters the church to break it off with a relieved Andrew and she addresses the attending members of Parliament. Mabrey stands up and, citing the nation's law, once again suggests that Nicholas be named monarch, only to be interrupted by Nicholas saying that he refuses the crown. He then walks away with Mabrey angrily following him and telling him that he has a duty to his father, but Nicholas just tells his uncle that they are finished. Mia proposes that the law on royal marriages be abolished, and Parliament unanimously gives its assent. Mia tells her grandmother to have her own happy ending. Clarisse says that since the guests came to see someone get married, she proposes to Joe, and they are promptly married by the Archbishop.
About a week later, Mia is preparing for her coronation when Nicholas shows up. He professes his romantic love for Mia on bended knee, and they share a romantic kiss. The next day, Mia is crowned "Her Majesty Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi, Queen of Genovia", with all in attendance in the royal palace.
An epilogue shows that Genovian Parliament now allows female members, one of which is Charlotte. Queen Mia officially opens the children's home as she had planned to.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

My feverote Movie= love it.

15-year-old Mia Thermopolis lives with her artist mother Helen and her cat Fat Louie in a renovated San
Francisco firehouse. Mia is a somewhat gawky, unpopular girl who is seemingly invisible to her crush, Josh Bryant and mocked by his cheerleader girlfriend, Lana Thomas. Mia’s only real friends are the equally unpopular Lilly Moscovitz and Lilly's brother Michael, who secretly has a crush on Mia.
Just before her 16th birthday, Mia learns her paternal grandmother, Clarisse, is visiting from Genovia, a small European kingdom. When Mia goes to meet her at a large house (later revealed to be the Genovian consulate), Clarisse reveals she is actually Queen Clarisse Renaldi, and that Mia’s late father was Crown Prince of Genovia. Mia is stunned to learn she is a princess and next and sole heir to the Genovian throne.
In shock, Mia runs home and angrily confronts her mother, who explains she had planned to tell Mia on her 18th birthday, but that her father’s death has forced the issue. Queen Clarisse visits and explains that if Mia refuses the throne, Genovia will be without a ruler. Helen persuades a reluctant Mia to attend "princess lessons" with the Queen, telling her she does not have to make her decision until the upcoming Genovian Independence Day ball.
Mia is given a glamorous makeover, the use of a limousine and a bodyguard (the Queen’s head of security, Joe). This and Mia's frequent absences for the lessons make Lilly suspicious, and she accuses Mia of trying to be like the popular girls. Mia breaks down and tells Lilly everything, swearing her to secrecy. However, the San Francisco Chronicle learns that Mia is the Genovian Crown Princess after hairdresser Paolo breaks his confidentiality agreement, causing a press frenzy, and a sudden surge in popularity at school for Mia.
At a State Dinner, Mia embarrasses herself with her clumsiness, delighting her rivals for the crown. However, all is not lost as the situation amuses a stuffy diplomat, and the Queen tells Mia the next day she found it fun. Deciding it is time the two bonded as grandmother and granddaughter, the Queen allows Mia to take her out in Mia's late 60s Ford Mustang convertible for the day to an amusement arcade. The day almost ends badly when Mia rams her car into a cable car, but Queen Clarisse saves the day by appointing the attending police officer and the tram driver to the "Genovian Order of the Rose" (a fictitious chivalric order), flattering them into dropping any charges (since no one got hurt and the cable car was fully insured).
Mia is delighted when Josh Bryant invites her to a beach party, but her acceptance hurts Lilly and Michael, who she had plans with. Things go wrong when the press arrive, tipped off by Lana. Josh uses Mia to get his fifteen minutes of fame by publicly kissing her, while Lana tricks her into undressing in a tent, removing it as she is semi-nude just as the paparazzi arrive. The photos appear on tabloid covers the following day, leaving Queen Clarisse furious. A humiliated Mia tells her she is renouncing the throne feeling she is nowhere near ready to be a true princess. Joe later reminds Queen Clarisse that although Mia is a princess, she is still a teenager and her granddaughter.
Back at school, Mia attempts to rescue her friendships with Lilly and Michael by inviting them to the Genovian Independence Day Ball, gets back at Josh for using her by hitting a baseball into his gut during gym class, and finally stands up to Lana when she is cruel to Lilly’s friend Jeremiah, publicly humiliating her by smearing ice cream on her cheerleader outfit. Lilly accepts their invitation, but Mia, terrified at the thought of publicly announcing her decision, plans to run away. However, when she finds a letter from her late father, his touching words make her change her mind, and she makes her way to the ball. Mia’s car breaks down in the rain, but she is rescued by Joe, who had suspected she planned to run away.
When they arrive, a drenched and bedraggled Mia voices her acceptance of the title of Genovian princess. Mia gets dressed up and enters with Clarisse for the dance. At the last moment Michael shows up after Mia's second attempt to apologize. The two dance and Mia shares her first kiss with Michael, while Clarisse and Joe are seen holding hands. In the final scene Mia is seen on a private plane, with Fat Louie next to her wearing his own tiara, writing in her diary, explaining she is moving with her mother to Genovia, with the beautiful royal palace and landscape coming into view below