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Fantaghiro- The Cave Of The Golden Roses.

 Mengimbau kenangan zaman remaja dulu duluan dengan menonton balik cerita Fantaghiro : The cave Of The Golden Rose , Dan pernah tayang kembali di TV9 Sept 2011.

                         Fantaghiro 1991
                       Fantaghirò is the youngest of three princesses born to a warrior King. Although beautiful and intelligent, she causes many problems for her family because she goes against everything expected for a woman in her kingdom, by being literate, adventurous and rebellious, which makes her father furious. One day, the warrior King receives an invitation from the enemy king Romualdo to a duel that can potentially end the centuries-long war that has been going on between the two kingdoms. The warrior king then learns that only one of his three daughters can win the duel. Fantaghirò sees this as a chance for her to prove herself.

                           Fantaghiro 1992
Fantaghirò and Romualdo are due to be married, but their wedding is cut short when news arrives that Fantaghirò's father has been kidnapped by the Black Queen. The Black Queen demands that Fantaghirò and Romualdo submit to her rule, but they refuse and Romualdo declares war. He sets out with his army, leaving behind Fantaghirò, who has sworn not to lift another weapon for the rest of her life. However, Fantaghirò finds that she has to break her promise, and secretly sets out on her own to the Dark Kingdom, where she learns that the Black Queen's plan is much more sinister.
                       Fantaghiro 1993
The evil wizard Tarabas learns that his powerful kingdom will be defeated by a royal child of no more than 10. He becomes obsessed with learning how this will happen, so he orders his clay warriors to kidnap all the royal children of the world. When the children of Fantaghirò's sisters become targets, Fantaghirò and Romualdo protect them from the attacking clay soldiers. However, during the fight Romualdo accidentally falls into a cursed river and turns into stone. Fantaghirò then learns that she has to find Tarabas if she wants to save her beloved Romualdo.
                      Fantaghiro 1994
Fantaghirò is captured by the Black Queen, who has been unable to perform magic ever since she helped Fantaghirò in the previous films. The Black Queen is about to decapitate Fantaghirò when she is suddenly sucked into an alternate reality where she has to join forces with a scoundrel named Aries in defeating a villain who eats children.

                  Fantaghiro 5 ( 1996 )


                    During archery in a wood Princess Fantaghiro is discovered by the hostile king's son Romualdo. He is able to take a short look at her before she can escape and immediately falls in love with the unknown beauty. When Romulado challenges her father for a duel to end the bloody war between their people Fantaghiro is send out to fight him due to a prophecy. As Romualdo sees her dressed as a man he believes to recognize his beloved. So he tries everything to discover wether she is a man or a woman and prevent the duel. Fantaghiro starts to fall in love with him, too, but her sense of duty is strong. Will love bring them together or will it end as a tragedy?

                                 plot 2
Fantaghiro and Romualdo are preparing their marriage when the Black Queen disgusted by their deep love captures Fantaghiro's father. Romualdo and his soldiers go on their journey to free him. But the insidious Black Queen transforms herself into Fantaghiro, makes Romualdo her slave by kissing him and captures the rest of his army. Fantaghiro follows Romualdo although she promised him to stay home, finds the camp deserted and enters the near castle of the Black Queen. When she asks for a duel to free her people she is very surprised to face Romualdo who has forgot her completely due to the magic of the Black Queen.

                                                  plot 3

The powerful evil wizard Tarabas gets knowledge about a prophecy that a king's child will defeat him. So he sends out his army of dead soldiers to kidnap all royal children. When the soldiers attack Fantaghiro's castle to steal the babies of her sisters the battle seems to be lost until she discovers that water turns the unvulnerable soldiers into stone. Romualdo leads the aggressors to a near river and destroys one after the other until he finally falls into the river himself and is turned into stone by the poisoned water. Because nobody is able to revive him Fantaghiro decides to search for Tarabas to force him to help her.

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Selamat Tinggal 2012

Stay one day longer to wait moments ended in 2012 and the arrival of the Year 2013. Many bittersweet memory in the year 2012 .. Goodbye 2012 and Welcome 2013.

Terlalau banyak kenangan pahit manis ditahun ini, Tak tahu macam mana hendak diceritakan.
Sedih rasanya meninggalkan tapi terpaksa hadapi jua.

Semoga tahun yg datang memberi perjalanan yg manis buatku, Tak nak berazam, bagiku cukuplah
apa yg aku inginkan tak pernah tercapai . Perit rasanya bila berharap.Kepada semua semoga kebahagian dan kecerian akan sentiasa mengiringi kita you all??????

                               SELAMAT TAHUN BARU 2013.

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Layan (^________________^)

Dah lama rasanya aku tak menulis dan update blog aku ni, alhamdullillah..
akhirnya hari ini dapat la aku membuka semula blog aku yg dah lama diperap buat pekasam.

Hari ni mood terlebih baik, so hari aku layan dan menonton filem lama , kadang2 menonton cerita lama pun seronok juga. Cerita hindi lama lakonan Shammi Kapoor dan Shasi Kapoor .Filem Hasina maan Jayegi dan Junglee melalui Youtube.

Shashi Kapoor essaying a double role – of a straightforward, studious Kamal and his look-alike, the rakish Rakesh, who aspires for the same lady, Babita as Archana, who is to marry Kamal. Kapoor displays panache and élan in both roles, with his dashing and debonair looks, which endowed him with a great screen presence, although his lack of histrionic depth made the portrayal of Kamal and Rakesh almost identical but for a peculiar whistling style that Rakesh had.

The story by revolves around how Rakesh plans to kill Kamal and take his place while they are facing the Chinese in war. In the ensuing duel, it is Kamal who emerges victorious although he feels the weight of his act on his conscience at having killed Rakesh. Fearing the consequences, he deserts the flanks, and returns home, leaving the authorities to think that actually Rakesh has become a deserter, and Kamal has become a martyr. What follows is a protracted legal battle with a rather predictable ending. In keeping with the trend of the day, the comic element was provided by the antics of Johnny Walker, Ameeta and Yunus Parvez, although, the angle did hardly anything to raise the film's level in any significant way. [1]

Babita as Archana fails to impress, though the film gave her an ample chance to demonstrate her skills. She is neither convincing in her petulant reactions to Rakesh's overtures nor as Kamal's wife. Nor is she able to bring forth the angst and moral dilemma of a woman who realises that the man she thinks to be her husband might actually be his look-alike

PlotChandrashekhar (Shammi Kapoor) or Shekhar as he is called now, belongs to an aristrocratic family, who believe laughter is a sign of belonging to the lower class, and as a result laughter is not encouraged in the household, run by Shekhar's domineering mother (Lalita Pawar). In this household the only one who dares to laugh and enjoy life is Shekhar's sister Mala (Shashikala), who also dares to love Jeevan (Anoop Kumar). Things change when their mother finds out about Mala's indiscretions, and she asks Shekhar to take her away from their home, to distant and scenic Kashmir, for a while. She also instructs Shekhar to arrange to get married to a girl from a princely family. When Shekhar escorts Mala out of town, and on reaching Kashmir, he meets up with beautiful Rajkumari (Saira Banoo), and after being stranded with her for a night during a snowstorm, he realizes what he has been missing, and becomes a care-free man in love. This change is welcomed by Mala, but not by his mother. To make matters worse, Rajkumari does not belong to a princely family, and Shekhar knows that his mother will never approve of his marriage with Rajkumari.


Haseena Maan Jayegi 1968

Mengibas cerita lama , ketika ini belum lahir lagi...sekadar seronok..

Sunday, 9 December 2012


                       i love my beloved prophete Mohammad (pbuh
                    i love and i like to listen this song very much to soft my heart alhamdulillah