Monday, 31 December 2012

Fantaghiro- The Cave Of The Golden Roses.

 Mengimbau kenangan zaman remaja dulu duluan dengan menonton balik cerita Fantaghiro : The cave Of The Golden Rose , Dan pernah tayang kembali di TV9 Sept 2011.

                         Fantaghiro 1991
                       Fantaghirò is the youngest of three princesses born to a warrior King. Although beautiful and intelligent, she causes many problems for her family because she goes against everything expected for a woman in her kingdom, by being literate, adventurous and rebellious, which makes her father furious. One day, the warrior King receives an invitation from the enemy king Romualdo to a duel that can potentially end the centuries-long war that has been going on between the two kingdoms. The warrior king then learns that only one of his three daughters can win the duel. Fantaghirò sees this as a chance for her to prove herself.

                           Fantaghiro 1992
Fantaghirò and Romualdo are due to be married, but their wedding is cut short when news arrives that Fantaghirò's father has been kidnapped by the Black Queen. The Black Queen demands that Fantaghirò and Romualdo submit to her rule, but they refuse and Romualdo declares war. He sets out with his army, leaving behind Fantaghirò, who has sworn not to lift another weapon for the rest of her life. However, Fantaghirò finds that she has to break her promise, and secretly sets out on her own to the Dark Kingdom, where she learns that the Black Queen's plan is much more sinister.
                       Fantaghiro 1993
The evil wizard Tarabas learns that his powerful kingdom will be defeated by a royal child of no more than 10. He becomes obsessed with learning how this will happen, so he orders his clay warriors to kidnap all the royal children of the world. When the children of Fantaghirò's sisters become targets, Fantaghirò and Romualdo protect them from the attacking clay soldiers. However, during the fight Romualdo accidentally falls into a cursed river and turns into stone. Fantaghirò then learns that she has to find Tarabas if she wants to save her beloved Romualdo.
                      Fantaghiro 1994
Fantaghirò is captured by the Black Queen, who has been unable to perform magic ever since she helped Fantaghirò in the previous films. The Black Queen is about to decapitate Fantaghirò when she is suddenly sucked into an alternate reality where she has to join forces with a scoundrel named Aries in defeating a villain who eats children.

                  Fantaghiro 5 ( 1996 )


                    During archery in a wood Princess Fantaghiro is discovered by the hostile king's son Romualdo. He is able to take a short look at her before she can escape and immediately falls in love with the unknown beauty. When Romulado challenges her father for a duel to end the bloody war between their people Fantaghiro is send out to fight him due to a prophecy. As Romualdo sees her dressed as a man he believes to recognize his beloved. So he tries everything to discover wether she is a man or a woman and prevent the duel. Fantaghiro starts to fall in love with him, too, but her sense of duty is strong. Will love bring them together or will it end as a tragedy?

                                 plot 2
Fantaghiro and Romualdo are preparing their marriage when the Black Queen disgusted by their deep love captures Fantaghiro's father. Romualdo and his soldiers go on their journey to free him. But the insidious Black Queen transforms herself into Fantaghiro, makes Romualdo her slave by kissing him and captures the rest of his army. Fantaghiro follows Romualdo although she promised him to stay home, finds the camp deserted and enters the near castle of the Black Queen. When she asks for a duel to free her people she is very surprised to face Romualdo who has forgot her completely due to the magic of the Black Queen.

                                                  plot 3

The powerful evil wizard Tarabas gets knowledge about a prophecy that a king's child will defeat him. So he sends out his army of dead soldiers to kidnap all royal children. When the soldiers attack Fantaghiro's castle to steal the babies of her sisters the battle seems to be lost until she discovers that water turns the unvulnerable soldiers into stone. Romualdo leads the aggressors to a near river and destroys one after the other until he finally falls into the river himself and is turned into stone by the poisoned water. Because nobody is able to revive him Fantaghiro decides to search for Tarabas to force him to help her.

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Selamat Tinggal 2012

Stay one day longer to wait moments ended in 2012 and the arrival of the Year 2013. Many bittersweet memory in the year 2012 .. Goodbye 2012 and Welcome 2013.

Terlalau banyak kenangan pahit manis ditahun ini, Tak tahu macam mana hendak diceritakan.
Sedih rasanya meninggalkan tapi terpaksa hadapi jua.

Semoga tahun yg datang memberi perjalanan yg manis buatku, Tak nak berazam, bagiku cukuplah
apa yg aku inginkan tak pernah tercapai . Perit rasanya bila berharap.Kepada semua semoga kebahagian dan kecerian akan sentiasa mengiringi kita you all??????

                               SELAMAT TAHUN BARU 2013.

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Layan (^________________^)

Dah lama rasanya aku tak menulis dan update blog aku ni, alhamdullillah..
akhirnya hari ini dapat la aku membuka semula blog aku yg dah lama diperap buat pekasam.

Hari ni mood terlebih baik, so hari aku layan dan menonton filem lama , kadang2 menonton cerita lama pun seronok juga. Cerita hindi lama lakonan Shammi Kapoor dan Shasi Kapoor .Filem Hasina maan Jayegi dan Junglee melalui Youtube.

Shashi Kapoor essaying a double role – of a straightforward, studious Kamal and his look-alike, the rakish Rakesh, who aspires for the same lady, Babita as Archana, who is to marry Kamal. Kapoor displays panache and élan in both roles, with his dashing and debonair looks, which endowed him with a great screen presence, although his lack of histrionic depth made the portrayal of Kamal and Rakesh almost identical but for a peculiar whistling style that Rakesh had.

The story by revolves around how Rakesh plans to kill Kamal and take his place while they are facing the Chinese in war. In the ensuing duel, it is Kamal who emerges victorious although he feels the weight of his act on his conscience at having killed Rakesh. Fearing the consequences, he deserts the flanks, and returns home, leaving the authorities to think that actually Rakesh has become a deserter, and Kamal has become a martyr. What follows is a protracted legal battle with a rather predictable ending. In keeping with the trend of the day, the comic element was provided by the antics of Johnny Walker, Ameeta and Yunus Parvez, although, the angle did hardly anything to raise the film's level in any significant way. [1]

Babita as Archana fails to impress, though the film gave her an ample chance to demonstrate her skills. She is neither convincing in her petulant reactions to Rakesh's overtures nor as Kamal's wife. Nor is she able to bring forth the angst and moral dilemma of a woman who realises that the man she thinks to be her husband might actually be his look-alike

PlotChandrashekhar (Shammi Kapoor) or Shekhar as he is called now, belongs to an aristrocratic family, who believe laughter is a sign of belonging to the lower class, and as a result laughter is not encouraged in the household, run by Shekhar's domineering mother (Lalita Pawar). In this household the only one who dares to laugh and enjoy life is Shekhar's sister Mala (Shashikala), who also dares to love Jeevan (Anoop Kumar). Things change when their mother finds out about Mala's indiscretions, and she asks Shekhar to take her away from their home, to distant and scenic Kashmir, for a while. She also instructs Shekhar to arrange to get married to a girl from a princely family. When Shekhar escorts Mala out of town, and on reaching Kashmir, he meets up with beautiful Rajkumari (Saira Banoo), and after being stranded with her for a night during a snowstorm, he realizes what he has been missing, and becomes a care-free man in love. This change is welcomed by Mala, but not by his mother. To make matters worse, Rajkumari does not belong to a princely family, and Shekhar knows that his mother will never approve of his marriage with Rajkumari.


Haseena Maan Jayegi 1968

Mengibas cerita lama , ketika ini belum lahir lagi...sekadar seronok..

Sunday, 9 December 2012


                       i love my beloved prophete Mohammad (pbuh
                    i love and i like to listen this song very much to soft my heart alhamdulillah

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Bila Waktu telah terhenti-Opick

Hasbi Rabbi - Saff One

Cukuplah Tuhan bagiku Allah Maha agung Tiada Tuhan di dlam hatiku kecuali Allah ,Cahaya Muhammad Pesuruh Allah... Tiada Tuhan melainkan Allah..Ya Allah ..tiada tuhan yang disembah melainkan allah..

Saturday, 24 November 2012

DuGaAn dan PeRaSaAn...

 Entah kenapa hari ini aku menjadi terlalu sensitif, dan cepat menjadi kecil hati, tak pasal2 budak Ria, menjadi mangsa..kesiannya dia..Mungkin aku menjadi hilang sabar dan cepat marah,,Ya allah ampunkan hambamu ..atas kelalaianku dan tidak dapat mengawal hati dan perasaan amarahku ini..

Adakah ini dugaan dan cubaanmu ya allah..

Allah berfirman bermaksud:

“Patutkah manusia menyangka bahawa mereka akan dibiarkan dengan hanya berkata: Kami beriman, sedang mereka tidak diuji dengan sesuatu cubaan?

Dan demi sesungguhnya! Kami menguji orang terdahulu daripada mereka, maka dengan ujian demikian, nyata apa diketahui Allah mengenai orang yang sebenarnya beriman, dan nyata pula apa diketahuiNya mengenai orang yang berdosa.” (Surah Al-Ankabut, ayat 2-3)

Dugaan dalam kehidupan adalah satu perkara yang semua orang tidak mampu terima dengan hati yang tulus sebagai seorang hamba sebagai satu ujian dari Allah.

Dugaan kecil mahupun besar semuanya adalah takdir dari Allah kepada manusia pilihannya untuk memberitahu dan mengingati kita tentang kebesarannya.

Kita tidak akan tahu akan maksud yang terselindung disebalik semua dugaan yang ditimpa secara langsung mahupun melalui perantaraan manusia.

Kerana ceteknya ilmu dan jahilnya kita,

Kita mudah melatah, terasa diri kita tidak adil diperlakuan sedemikian rupa.

Allah tidak adil dan mahu menyusahkan kita !
Kadang-kadang kita menyalahkan sahabat baik kita sendiri dan orang disekeliling yang menyebabkan dugaan tersebut.

Kadang-kadang kita menyalahkan sahabat baik kita sendiri dan orang disekeliling yang menyebabkan dugaan tersebut.

Kadang-kadang kita menyalahkan sahabat baik kita sendiri dan orang disekeliling yang menyebabkan dugaan tersebut.

Maka, prasangka buruk sangka kepada Allah akan terus menjadi dendam kesumat kerana dugaan yang kita tidak tahu apa dan sebabnya.

Allah berfirman bermaksud: Kami menguji kamu dengan kesusahan dan kesenangan sebagai cubaan; dan kepada Kamilah kamu semua akan dikembalikan.(Surah al-Anbiya, ayat 35)

Sekiranya kita boleh bersabar dan redha, maka itulah ganjaran pahala untuk kita. Sebaliknya kalau kita tidak boleh bersabar dan tidak redha, malah merungut-rungut, mengeluh dan memberontak, hanya akan menambahkan lagi dosa kita
Sekiranya kita telah dihukum di dunia lagi, kita patut bersyukur kerana apabila kembali ke akhirat, kita telah bersih daripada dosa.
Adakalanya, kita ditimpakan kesempitan hidup. Sengaja Allah takdirkan demikian kerana Allah sayang pada kita. Allah hendak melatih kita menjadi orang yang bersabar dan redha dengan takdirnya.

Maka, prasangka buruk sangka kepada Allah akan terus menjadi dendam kesumat kerana dugaan yang kita tidak tahu apa dan sebabnya.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Top Tracks for Backstreet Boys (playlist)

FIRST TIME make egg tart..

Dah lama aku nak try buat tart telur..kebetulan makcik dari terengganu dtg so kami buat la tart telur, alhamdullilah jadi..

Pastri untuk kulit tart.

Menuang telur yg siap dibncuh dng gula..

Menunggu untuk dibakar..siap sedia

Dalam oven..

Yang dah masak..


Backstreet Boys - Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely

Sentiasa diminati hingga kini...

Monday, 5 November 2012


Dengan nama allah yang maha pemurah lagi maha mengasihani ....

Sudah lama rasanya aku tak update blog ini..dengan kengkangan masa dan kesibukan kerja..
balik aje rumah tak ingat lain, nak tidur aje yg ada didalam fikiran ku ini.makan pun tak penting sangat..
Hari ini terpaksa kerja malam, mengajar staff baru untuk mengantikan staf indonesia yg akan tamat tempoh kontraknya pada hati khamis ini..padahal kerja dan plan aku sendiri pun banyak yg tak siap..nak buat macamana terpaksa la berkorban buat minggu ini.kalau ikut hati malas ..

Hari sabtu 3 Nov kami buat jamuan makan untuk rakan indonesian, kak Azwa yg belanja kami.
cuma aku, Mazlina, kak Azwa, dan rakan indonesian, LENI, RIA DAN LISA.

Sebenarnya aku sendiri pun tak tahu apa yg patut ditulis lagi..insyaallah , jika diizinkan olehnya
aku akan sambung menulis lagi..

Suara aku pun dah teruk, dah macam itik serati..nak bercakap dah macam kartun..

                                       Kak azwa kiri dan Lisa  yg pengang kamera ..

Minuman makanan tak sampai lagi

                                           Ria yg pegang mangkuk ais krim dan Leni  disebelahnya.

                                              Terima kasih Kak Azwa , atas belanja makan RESTORAN D'KAMPUNG  AT ALAM EVENUE PADANG JAWA. SHAH ALAM/KLANG.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Makes carrot Cakes

Hari ini tak tahu apa nak buat , akhirnya aku cubalah try buat kek karot..first time ni..
dalam hati berdoa agar jadilah kek aku ni..
                                                   SEMASA DALAM LOYANG



6 BIJI TELUR ( jika telur kecil ) Kalau besar 4 biji aje
secubit GARAM


Panaskan oven dalam 185. 0 celcius
Sapukan minyak pada tin kek..
Campurkan tepung, baking powder, soda bikarbonat. garam, kayu manis, buah pala dan ayak..
Pukul telur dengan gula sehingga sebati ( Tak payah mesin )  guna aje senduk kayu..
Setelah sebati masukkan minyak dan kacau lagi sehingga sebati.
Masukkan perasa vanilla, parutan carrot Kacang atau kismis dan tepung 
kacau sehingga sebati..
dan tuangkan dlm bekas yg dosapu dengan minyak dan bakar
 dlm 40 minit ke 1 jam.
Hidangkan atau pun boleh disapu dengan wiping krim..

Sunday, 17 June 2012

SElamat hari Bapa ABAH...

Hari ini adalah hari Bapa sedunia..Buat abah yg sangat aku sayang , yg selama ini tidak jemu mendoakan kesejahteraan diriku , aku sentiasa mendoakan mu agar diberi kesihatan yg baik .agar dirimu sentiasa dirahmati olehnya..Aku sedar diri ini sentiasa mengusarkan hatimu..Lebih2 lagi diri ini masih dalam tanggungjawap mu.setiap kesilapan yg aku lakukan dirimu yg aka menanggungnya.. Maafkan aku abah..

Sayang2 sangat2 DIRImu ..HAPPY FATHER'S DAY ABAH..<3<3<3

Sunday, 13 May 2012


hAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL WOMEN AROUD IN THE WORLD..Tanpa wanita yg bergelar ibu siapalah diri ini disini..buat ibuku Che rokiah sayang sangat2 dirimu..Love you so much maa ..hanya doa mengiringi agar diri mu sihat sejahtera dan dikelilingi dengan kasih sayang kami anak2mu..

Maher Zain - Number One For Me | Official Music Video

TO ALL MOM IN THE WORLD..happy mother's day to all the mum around the world. loVE YOU so much MOM ..

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

lirik song..Take me to your heart

Hiding from the rain and snow

Trying to forget but I won't let go

Looking at a crowded street

Listening to my own heart beat

So many people all around the world

Tell me where do I find someone like you girl


Take me to your heart take me to your soul

Give me your hand before I'm old

Show me what love is - haven't got a clue

Show me that wonders can be true

They say nothing lasts forever

We're only here today

Love is now or never

Bring me far away

Take me to your heart take me to your soul

Give me your hand and hold me

Show me what love is - be my guiding star

It's easy take me to your heart

Standing on a mountain high

Looking at the moon through a clear blue sky

I should go and see some friends

But they don't really comprehend

Don't need too much talking without saying anything

All I need is someone who makes me wanna sing


Michael Learns To Rock - 25 Minutes [HQ]

hope not to late to say something to my love one..........Love you my dear friend???????

Monday, 16 April 2012


boys over flowers '' i'll be waiting for you '' sad song

SS501 Boys Over Flowers Ost 花样男子 Mv =Lyrics+Translation

Hana Yori Dango VS Meteor Garden VS Boys Over Flower

                                         VERSI JAPAN "Hana Yori Dango."
Aku angau tengok cerita ni.Semua pun pasal love. Aduh jiwang  aku rasa.Tapi this story memang menarik. Semua version pun tetap menarik minat aku untuk layan cerita ni.Tajuk asal Hana yori dango cerita animasi jepun yang dilakonkan dalam watak sebenar.

This story budak-budak lelaki pun layan gak.Especialy student Jepun..Tapi mostly layan animasi punye sebab ada bab-bab 18sx sikit.Tapi aku tetap suka version Jepun. Dalam story ni actually watak utama ada 3 orang-Hanazawa Rui-Deomoji-Makino.Kekasih macam Hanazawa Rui @ Putera Mata Guli memang best jika dapat.Tapi mostly korang yang layan cerita mesti suka watak Deomoji.Aku tak suka sangat mungkin sebab dia seorang yang garang tapi cinta dia pada Makino memang sepenuh hati.

                                                  TAIWAN VERSION "Meteor Garden"

Seorang gadis remaja miskin yang bernama Shan Cai memasuki Ying De University, sebuah sekolah swasta yang ditubuhkan khas untuk pelajar yang kaya. Universiti yang didominasi oleh geng pelajar kacak tetapi sombong yang dikenali sebagai F4. Dai Ming Xi adalah pemimpin dan ahli-ahli lain yang F4 Hua Ze Lei, Xi Men , dan Mei Zuo - semua mereka adalah waris kepada keluarga terkaya di Taiwan.

Shan Cai kemudian menjadi sasaran F4, menghina Ming Dao. Pada masa lalu tidak ada pelajar lain berani untuk menentang F4, tetapi Shan Cai berbuat demikian. Ini seterusnya piques kepentingan Dao Ming cukup bahawa beliau tidak lama lagi mendapati dirinya jatuh cinta kepada Shan Cai. Sementara itu, Shan Cai mendapati dirinya jatuh cinta untuk ahli lain F4,seorang yang lembut Hua Ze Lei ...

                                                  VERSI KOREAN "Boys Over Flower " 

Terletak di sebuah sekolah tinggi terkenal untuk pelajar anak orang kaya, ini adalah kisah cinta remaja yang tertumpu kepada seorang gadis yang miskin dan geng F4 anak-anak orang kaya yang diketuai oleh lelaki kasar dan berani Koo Jun-Pyo.

Geum Jan Di (Hye-seon Ku) adalah seorang gadis dari keluarga miskin tetapi mempunyai rasa yang tiada tandingan optimis dan secara kebetulan dimasukkan ke sebuah sekolah berprestij tinggi swasta.
Di sana dia bertemu dengan kumpulan terkenal empat lelaki dan kaya yang dikenali sebagai F4. Pemimpin kumpulan Koo Jun-Pyo (Lee Min-ho), yang adalah waris manja Shinhwa konglomerat terkemuka di dunia. Beliau disertai oleh Yun misteri dan breathlessly kacak Ji-Hu (hyeon-jung Kim), Jadi Lee Jeong (Kim Beom), dan Song Woo Bin (Kim Jun). Kisah cinta mereka bergerak dari Seoul ke New Caledonia ke Macau.

Sunday, 15 April 2012


Menunggu keretapi

Syabas Norhayati Berahim , baru aje selesai habis baca novel Menunggu keretapi..Tak jemu membacanya.Lebih2 lagi berkisar tentang orang dari kelantan dan adat pepatih.Saya sendiri bila ingin ke KL lebih suka menaiki kometer lebih2 lagi Kuala Lumpur selalu jamed dan jika ingin pulang kekampung lebih suka menaiki keretapi walaupun memakan masa yg panjang sehingga 11 jam lamanya. Tapi saya akui saya meminati novel karya Norhayati Berahim kerana gaya penulisannya. bukan sekadar cinta semata tapi banyak menumpukan kepada kekeluargaan...Tahniah kak Yati..

Monday, 2 April 2012


NAMPAK BUKU TERBARU TERUS BELI, Buku Terbaru "Fauziah Ashari"...
Lebih-lebih lagi kawan cakap menarik novel ini , siap pesan lagi tolong belikan,Harga 28.90..tapi ada card diskaun 15%..Halaman muka surat 795 ..2 hari nak habiskan baca novel ini.
penulis novel ombak rindu...juga penulis novel ini..OK,

Alma binti Datuk Seri Hakim - Penggoda, nakal, selamba, romantis, anak manja papa.

Mukramin Raiyan bin Muzzammil - Lemah iman, cucu kesayangan, harapan abah, hilang identiti, keliru.
Daya tarikan Alma - Berani tanpa peduli orang. Lucu tanpa sedar (selamba) dan cantik di mata Raiyan.
Daya tarikan Raiyan - Tampan di mata Alma. Anak musuh papanya. Pelik, kenapa perlu berhati-hati dengan keturunan Datuk Raqib sedangkan Raiyan ‘okey’ aje...


Mereka bertemu ketika sama-sama belajar di luar negara. Dua tahun berkenalan mengukuhkan cinta mereka. Kerana cinta, mereka lupa segala sengketa keluarga. Kerana cinta, mereka lupa pesan papa dan abah mereka. Kerana cinta mereka berkahwin secara senyap sebelum tiga bulan kembalinya ke tanah air.


Sehari selepas berada di tanah air, Raiyan kemalangan hingga menyebabkan dia kehilangan identiti diri dan keliru sentiasa. Alma hilang arah. Papa pernah berpesan, “Jangan dekati keluarga Datuk Raqib (datuk Raiyan). Nek Bonda (nenek Raiyan) ada mengugut. “Sekali kau dekat dengan Raiyan, berkali-kali kau akan kecewa.” Raiyan juga pernah berpesan, mereka mesti sama-sama hadapi halangan keluarga. Jika sendirian, boleh karam. Ada makna pesan suaminya. Rupanya, Nek Bonda ala-ala Hitler!


Alma atur strategi. Tanpa dedahkan statusnya sebagai isteri, (tapi Nek Bonda tahu statusnya) dia buru dan dekati Raiyan dalam senyap. Dia langgar perintah papanya dalam diam. Dia ingkar amaran Nek Bonda demi cinta dan rindunya. Jika terang-terangan menjatuhkan ego dan maruah papa. Jika berterus-terang, hidup keluarganya terancam. Dan, tak mustahil Raiyan yang keliru terus lari!


Hisy! aku nak kena mulakan, ke? Hmm...buat muka selenge. Eh! tak ke nanti dia kata aku perempuan jahat, ya lah cuba goda dia. dulu, yang aku goda bukan ke laki aku? Apa pulak aku jahat, kan? Jadi perempuan baik? Lemah-lembut, sopan-santun? Lagi boson kot. Argh! tak boleh jadi ni! - Alma


You ni cantik. Buat I tergoda selalu. Tapi sayang, macam-macam perangai, buat I tergolek, pening tau. - Raiyan.


“Perkahwinan ni rupanya memang betul-betul kesilapan. I harap sangat bukan kesilapan.” Itulah ayat Raiyan, kunci keyakinan Alma. Dia redah lagi onak dan duri demi mengembalikan bahagia dua tahun tiga bulan mereka bersama, bercinta dan berkahwin ketika di Ireland tanpa kelibat Dilaila, Huzail, Qistina, Zack, papa, abah dan Nek Bonda si Hitler...

selamat membaca...LOVE FOREVER

Monday, 26 March 2012

Happy birthday Nur Iman Darwisyah

Hari ini genaplah umur nak buah ku yg kecil 1 tahun umurnya..tak sangka cepat sungguh masa berlalu.
tak dapat meraikan tapi hanya doa sentiasa mengiringi ..

Sunday, 26 February 2012

cinta jangan kau pergi Lyric

Cinta Jangan Kau Pergi Lyrics
Sheila Majid

Kesalahan ini
Yang membuat segalanya gelap jadinya

Ooohh kasihku
Kuharap kau mau

Jangan kau diam lagi
Ku tak sanggup menahan
Bicaralah kau sayang
Jiwa ini tak tenang

Cinta jangan kau pergi
Tinggalkan diriku sendiri
Cinta jangan kau lari
Apalah arti hidup ini
Tanpa cinta dan kasih sayang

Oh kasihku
Kuharap kau mau

Jangan kau diam lagi
Ku tak sanggup menahan
Bicaralah kau sayang
Jiwa ini tak tenang

Reff ..


Cinta jangan kau pergi.. huu
Tinggalkan diriku sendiri
Cinta jangan kau lari
Apalah arti hidup ini
Tanpa cinta dan kasih sayang (2x)


I realized
this offense
Which makes it all happen dark

Ooohh my love
I hope you like
I have done

Do you dwell more
I did not want to stop
Talk to me my  love
This does not calm the soul

love please do not go away
Leave my own
You do not you run away
What is the meaning of life
Without love and affection

Oh my love
I hope you like
I have done

Do you dwell more
I did not want to stop
Talk to me my  love
This does not calm the soul

love please do not go away
Leave my own
You do not you run away
What is the meaning of life
Without love and affection

Uhhh .. uhh ...

love please do not you go away
Leave my own
love do not you run away
What is the meaning of life
Without love and affection

love please  do not you go away
You do not you run away
Leave my own
Leave me alone.........

Raise Me Up

this song means so much to me. i've always listened to it when i was a child - and it always made me stronger and a little more happy. today, nothing has changed. of course, this kind of music is not up to date anymore, but the lyrics are wonderful and there's so much truth in them. sometimes, i just feel like i really want to cry while listening to "raise me up" - i always have to think about me and my family. great song! LOve you so much all my family..

Westlife - Flying Without Wings

Flying Without Wings" is a song by Westlife, from their self-titled debut album. The song became an instant hit in the United Kingdom and many parts of the world. The song became the group's third UK number 1 single. It is also one of Westlife's biggest selling number ones to date.

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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Lempeng atau penkek malaysia

Tak tahu kenapa hari ini teringin sangat makan lempeng cicah sambal bilis..balik kerja terus aku membuatnya.
Lebih2 lagi kawan2 cerita pasal lempeng hari ni..Ada2 aje kengkawan aku ini..Kecur air liur aku dibuatnya,
Hari ini langsung tak sentuh nasi...shukur akhirnya dapat juga aku membuat lempeng..
Lempeng kelapa pun sedap juga.jika dicicah dengan sambal atau kari ayam..

Ada yg suka lempeng pisang dan macam2 lagi. Kita juga boleh buat bermacam2 jenis lempeng..tak kira dari pisang , kelapa , tuna, ikang bilis, bawang dan sebagainya? Teringat aku zaman aku kecil2 dulu..kerana kepayahan dan kesusahan keluarga kadang2 ibu aku membuat lempeng sebagai pengalas perut kami adik beradik sebagai ganti nasi.  bila mengigatkan kisah dulu . aku rasa bersukur kerana kami adik beradik tidak pernah mengeluh dan sentiasa mengingati erti kepayahan dan kesengsaraan keluarga .

Saturday, 18 February 2012

My Everything - Lee Min Ho


Aku? Aku INTAN ASNIDAR. Mana cantik pun. Kulit pun ala-ala hangit. Kerja di kedai bunga dengan gaji cukup-cukup makan. Tak ada apa-apa yang istimewa tentang aku melainkan aku ada sebuah keluarga yang sangat bahagia.

Dia? Dia memang segak. Nama dia pun sedap, HARRIS ISQANDAR. Kalau sekali pandang mesti tak nak lepas. Kulit dia putih amat sampai mak ingat aku dah bawa balik orang Belanda masa aku bawa dia datang kampung aku buat kali pertamanya. Tapi tak kisahlah semua tu, tak penting sangat. Kemudian-kemudian nanti, rupa paras tu bakal duduk tempat keempat atau kelima.

Asal-asalnya, dia suruh aku jadi tunang terkejut dia sebabnya gadis yang sepatutnya jadi tunang dia pada hari tu sudah lari. Okeylah sebab satu hari saja, kira aku tolong orang dalam darurat. Tapi paling terkejut bila dia cakap,

“Okey Intan, mulai sekarang, awak adalah tunang dan bakal isteri saya. Sekiranya ada sesiapa kacau awak, tolong jangan berahsia dengan saya sebab kita bakal menjadi suami isteri. Suami isteri tidak boleh ada sebarang rahsia.”

Terkejut amat aku. Tapi sebelum tu mak dia, Datin Nora ada beri amaran kepadaku, “Jangan mimpi nak jadi menantu saya!”

Ah! Aku pun tak nak jadi menantu dia. Tak berminat langsung. Tapi sungguhlah kata orang, kalau sudah jodoh, tentu saja tak ke mana. Tinggal lagi, lama manakah rumah tangga tersebut bakal bertahan atau benarkah INTAN ASNIDAR itu hak milik kekal HARRIS ISQANDAR?
 — ....

Recive from Wanita malaysia...

Baru2 ini aku dapat satu surat dari wanita malaysia.

berkenaan scam dari internet..

sama2 lah kita baca dan berdoa agar semua perkara ini dihentikan  dan tiada lagi..


by Perindu Damai on Friday, February 17, 2012 at 5:45pm ·



How are you today? Still online? Its ok….we all in a website world.. we can go any where….. we can do anything…. we can talk what ever we want….  we can love who ever we choise… we can make love who ever we need.. no one know..accept ourself.

One day I online…I want to find friends all around the world..but what i find is a lot of man needs love.  They say to me.. they will convert and be muslim. They really love me…My heart is empty..i need someone to love…. I am alone for along time… I think it’s the time i accept their love… I need someone be beside me… love me and hold me in his arms.  But…still in my mind… Can I beliave?????? I am from a different country with him, our religion is different, our culture..and we already have kids. But because of love i need and sex feeling apear in myself…. i only know i want to be with him.

One night.. when i wake up at the mid night…i pray..i ask ALLAH to show me what i must do, than i read Quran….i read Al Baqarah..  than sudently my sex feeling towards him gone slowly and my mind can think again…My tears drop down..and I only can say..Thank You ALLAH.. you save me…and than i cry… ALLAH still love me.

Please be aware with internet love…its all happen in must think :-
1                    Does really he love you
2                    Does really he want to convard?  When?  Do he learn islam before convard?
3                    Does he ask you to make love with him?? If he really want to convard and marry you..why must he never respect you as his future wifes and ask you to make loves on cam or when he comes to your country .Why he ask you to go to hotel and make loves with him.
4                    He ask you to make love but he never convert yet… Think!!!

Here i give some consavation that i save…i give to you all ..PLZ follow just like i do.. here i call myself aida… inshaALLAH if you follow just like i do… you will be safe.

Show Recent Messages (F3)
CHAT ON 29.9.2011 between AIDA  and POLEYPOGAN( Email :

poleypogan: hi
poleypogan: how are you doing
aida: am fine
poleypogan: so where have you been?
aida: am here… see the lifes of the scammers online
poleypogan: you are stupid for that
aida: why
poleypogan: never you chat with me again okay
aida: angry?... why you think you are scammer? you are not only the one online
poleypogan: you always not serious with me
aida: really?
poleypogan: thats why am angry with yu
aida: because you do not want to cam with me
poleypogan: the cam is only that… hope… can i see you now
aida: if i can see u… u can see me
poleypogan: well can we sex… on cam if i open mine
aida: why u ask for it
poleypogan: seens 2years have never sex
aida: dont beliave.. you must find someone already to make sex
poleypogan: yea pls...... if is just your nickedness i see i can use my hand to mastubate my dick for the sperm to come out.. pls help me
aida: than i must see your face confirm its you
poleypogan: am the one plsit is me… help me… am pleading
aida: see u on cam
poleypogan: you are a woman pls do it for me pls… you need to understand me
aida: see you on cam.. than only i cam
poleypogan: my cam is having problem… pls do it am pleading
aida: than my cam also
poleypogan: well this is the reasons i don't want chat with you
aida: than u see what u write..: poleypogan: well can we sex  on cam if i open mine
poleypogan: yes… i can make you feel it and i will tell you how you can do it  pls
aida: thanks ok
poleypogan: thanks
aida: you on your cam
poleypogan: am appreciate you
aida: i see you  than i on my cam
poleypogan: i sad have a problem try understand me
aida: you want me on my cam
aida: than want to see my pussy    ....clever
poleypogan: am beging you …is just how i feels… pls
aida: ok...bye

I knows he want to trap me to nude infront cam…than I ask him to open his cam. I never mean to do it… just want to see him.  AND THIS MAN ..HIS REAL PIC IS WITH ME…

And this is my chat with someone names william. He love one malaysian women names Suria. He say want to convard …. And marry her.  But he want to come to malaysia…meet her and ask her to make love with him. Stay with him at hotel as long he is in malaysia…. At this time he never convert yet…. Only say want to convert.

williams : our misunderstanding started when she ask me that i will be circumcised for the second time.. then i rejected that.. because i have done it before just that i made a request to her…she didn't accept it because of religion. so i think it's not fair
aida : only that????    that your love is not so strong....
williams : yes just that.. meaning?
Aida :  than as friend.. i want my friend happy
Williams : ok tell her if she can change her religion just because my love i will offer her
aida: no william.. dont say like that.. love... is more than that…its in our heart… its so soft.. its control our is so so romantic
williams : so u mean the love she have for me can not control her to accept to change her religion? so now tell me my love for her and her love for me which is stronger?
Williams : based on the level of the sacrifices we have made so far
aida : ok...just say like this william.. you change your religion first to muslim... than only ask her to follow what you want.. you sacrifices and she sacrifices
aida : if you really want her.. and love ther best thing to get her
williams : tell her if she really love me as she said let her do the best thing to have me
aida : then if you really love her... change your religion first… or you never love her william?  because you say want to convard but you never convard yet.. or you just want her body?  Just want to make sex / love?  sorry i say like that...
williams : now i know you are taking a side cuz u are in the same religion with her that's why you can't say the truth

Than after she cannot accept to make love with him…. He leave her…

And this is one convervation with one man who fall in love with me and want to convert.

Aida : i want happinest in my lifes.. and also you
Peter: i want happiness in my life too.. and i promise to make u happy always, ok
Aida : only one you must do..: be a good muslim
Peter : i will
Aida : if you be a good muslim... you will never do another things bad.. thats why i want you love Islam before love me.  Islam can make you be a good man
Peter: ok
Aida :  Islam can make you love me...Islam is so beautiful if you follow it
Petr: i know
Aida : if you be a good muslim... i promise i will never leave you… inshaALLAH my son also will love you
Peter : i will do my best, and ur family will love me
Aida : if you want our love make us together ..only one you must do.. be a good muslim. learn islam.and they will respect you
Peter: i will do as u said
Aida : and also in my place here…. they will accept they all accept me here..
after married we will go to mosque together
Peter : i will very happy
Aida : only i afraid you cannot do it
Peter: i will do that
Aida : but if your heart love islam...inshaALLAH you can do it.. you know what my daughter in law said
Peter: i love islam already……… no
Aida : mom we bring him with us to the mosque.. and than they all here will know him.. one day he can go by his own
Peter: hahahahahaha, i am so happy to hear that.. yes, i will be happy to be part of ur family
Aida : only really take care yourself from take alcohol…. its a big sins
Peter: i have stoped taking alcohol
Aida : and dont touch again…. if your friends ask also... dont touch
Peter: yes madam
Aida : if you really love me...plz dont destroy our love
Peter: i will not please, and u should not distroy it ok
Aida : inshaALLAH

All in online( I love you all )

I write this letter only for you….  I tell all this only for you  …I do it because I love you. Because I am also a women.. and I know the feeling of a women. I know you will follow your feeling when you fall in love.

Only this time…plz listen to me… plz…
When you online… if :

  1. 1.                  Man ask for your cam, ask his cam first. Don’t beliave any man when do not want to be on cam.

  1. 2.                  Ask his phone number.. don’t accept any call when do not appear the phone number. Don’t accept any reason from the man.  Must appear  the calling number on your phone…than only you accept it.

  1. 3.                  Do not accept if the relationship by email. I mean the love build by sending and receive email. Its mean the man do not want to use YM and do not want to be cam. He is hiding himself …

  1. 4.                  Do not nude infront cam. When your love full in your heart, dan sex feeling cover your body….. you will do it.  You will never shy anymore to be with whom you love infront you. DO YOU BELIAVE HE WILL COME AND MARRY YOU?? . He is playing game with you….. with your feeling. He will never come..   Only 10% maybe will come and meet you…

  1. 5.                  Don’t make a promise to make love before marry. After married…. The love is so beautiful……  

 I am also a human just like you….  what have we done….  Hope our GOD will forgive us than in the future just stop it….. don’t cam ( sex cam )  I meet so many women tell me about herself.  Nude in front cam. Than some of the man are bad… take their cam and scam her.  Some of them make the report to the police and some of them are shy….

Forgive me my friends and daughters …no matters what religions you are… be aware always. In online everything could happen. Protact yourself….

And for all muslim womens …I love you all because ALLAH… take care yourself… before you nude infront cam… think about yourself..  your family..  your kids..  your mum and dad..  your sisters and brothers..  your relatives.   And mostly is ALLAH.

I stop here for this time…  inshaALLAH I will write again to you. I will write because I love you…..   we will meet again….and again…. Until the end of my life…I will never throw away my love for you. LOVE YOU ALL FROM THE DEEP  OF MY HEART BECAUSE ALLAH.

Assalamualaikum for all muslim
Bye and see you for all non muslim

From : wanita msia.....malaysia

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Sayang Nur Iman Darwisah

Hari ini adik aku tunjuk la gambar anak buah aku Iman yang kecil , comel sangat ..Bulan March ni cukuplah umur dia 1 Tahun. Sekejap aje rasanya.Pejam celik , pejam celik dah setahun. Maknaynya nanti boleh lah celebrate birthday sama2 dng Anak buah ku yg comel ni.

Monday, 23 January 2012


KUALA LUMPUR: Singer and television host Izwan Pilus died of blood infection at the Ampang Hospital here Friday. He was 33.
Izwan or Khairil Izwan Pilus passed away at 6.15pm, said his younger brother, Khairil Azam or Aril, an Akademi Fantasia 7 participant, on his Twitter account.
The manager of the late Izwan, Shaiful Shazwan, said the singer was admitted to the hospital at 12.30am after experiencing shortness of breath.
"The situation became critical in the afternoon before he passed away," said Shaiful when contacted.
Izwan remains will be taken to his family home in Taman Nyalas Permai, Jasin, Melaka for burial at the Kampung Pelembang Muslim Cemetery in Gubah, Jasin.
A 2004 Bintang RTM finalist, Izwan cut an album entitled Erti Kasih in 2006 and became popular with the rendition of Kembali Senyum, the Malay version of a song in a South Korean drama, Full House.
In December last year, Izwan, who was the second in the family, and Aril were admitted to the Pusrawi Hospital after a bout of high fever ..From Star online..


Kenangan mengusik jiwa 2

                                              Bersama sepupu Zarina Mohammad

                                                            With my friend Jainah  


                                                    Bersama Rakan2 sekerja

                                                           My younger sister NOr Hayat

                                                 Mohd Zulhaidi Dengan NorHayat